Weekly Pool Cleaning Service Coppell, Texas

By Alpha Pool Service LLC, TX TICL 639: Commercial and Residential

As Low As $39.95 Per Month + Tax

Our well-trained Pool Service Technicians have established scheduled daily routes. Alpha weekly pool service customers generally know within an hour what time to expect their Pool Service Technician. We have several Pool Service Technicians, and a Pool Service Supervisor that makes regular checks on our pool service customers. On the rare occasion that one of our Pool Service Technicians is unable to service one of our service accounts as scheduled, either our Pool Service Supervisor or one of our other Pool Service Technicians will make sure that our customer is properly serviced. It is our policy to notify our weekly pool service customers of any changes in their regular service day. A detailed record is kept of all services performed, chemical readings, and chemicals added.

Alpha Pool Service Technicians are trained to recognize problems with pool equipment. It is also our policy to notify our pool service customers of any problems as soon as possible, and hopefully reduce the cost of repair by addressing the issue quickly.

Alpha Pool Service performs background checks and random drug testing on our employees. Our Pool Service Technicians and Pool Repair Technicians are electronically tracked. We want our customers to feel as safe and as comfortable with our employees as we do.

Alpha Pool Service utilizes technology that updates our office staff regularly on route progress, time customers are serviced, pool chemical readings, chemicals added, pool service provided, and noted condition of customers pool and equipment.

Alpha Pool Service offers specials to our weekly pool service customers on filter cleanings, pool and spa heater checks, and other swimming pool maintenance and repair services.

3 Levels of Weekly Pool Service

*A fourth level of service is available for indoor or covered pools.

  • Prices for weekly pool service/cleaning are based on pool/spa 25,000 gallons or less, with normal bather loads, and normal surroundings.
  • Prices may vary with larger pools and pools in more difficult environments.
  • Prices include all chemicals with the exception of stain treatment/removal, phosphate treatment/remover, or other unusual chemical requirements

Pro Assist Service

Only $39.95 per month + tax

(The do-it-yourselfer helper)

This service is the most economical service offered by any pool service company in the DFW area. It is perfect for the pool owner that has the time and is willing to take care of his or her own pool. The most difficult part of taking care of your own pool is understanding water chemistry and knowing what chemicals and solutions to add and in what amounts to add them. Our experience has demonstrated to us that many pool owners not only struggle with water chemistry, but also do not know what simple chores they need to do to properly maintain their pool. Improper water chemistry and maintenance can destroy your pool surfaces and equipment. Alpha Pools has recognized the need for a service that simply assists pool owners in maintaining their own pool by using our knowledge and experience and the customers willingness to take care of their own pool.

There are 4 components to basic pool maintenance: Water chemistry, filtration, circulation, and physical cleaning. Taking a water sample across town to wait in line so a part time teenage kid can tell you what you need to buy (when he has never seen your pool or has any idea of what equipment you have) is not a proper evaluation of what your pool needs.

Alpha Pools Pro Assist Service gives you a proper evaluation of what your pool needs. Our Qualified Service Technician will go to your pool, test the water and visually inspect your equipment and pool surfaces. The Technician will then email you the test results with a list of what chemicals need to be added to maintain proper water chemistry as well as notify you of any issues that need to be addressed with your pool and/or equipment. The email will also include a list of tasks that should be performed weekly to help keep your pool operating and looking its best.

When you need chemicals, maintenance tools or any other pool products, you simply click on a link in the email that takes you to our online store. As a member of our Pro Assist Service you will receive a 5%-10% discount off of normal pricing on all of your online purchases from Alpha Pool and Spa. You then enter your account number and make your selections and check-out. We will deliver your purchases to your home for free.

Pro Assist customers also receive occasional exclusive offers for in-store and online deals on pool and backyard living products.

If you need a repair or other service, you may click on a link in your Pro Assist email report for scheduling.

This is a year round service. Many pool owners make the mistake of ignoring their pools after they stop swimming in the fall until they start swimming in the spring. This neglect can damage pool equipment and surfaces. It is highly recommended that you properly maintain your pool throughout the year.

The savings on purchases alone will practically pay for the service!!!

Pro Assist customers receive a 5% to 10% discount and free delivery (discount does not apply to sale or clearance items) on chemicals, maintenance tools (brushes, poles, nets, etc…), and normal wear and tear items such as pump baskets, skimmer baskets, and cleaner bags and parts.


$140.00 per month + tax

Once per week our qualified Pool Service Technician will:

  1. Test your water. We will maintain, to the greatest extent possible, properly balanced and sanitized water including: Chlorine levels, pH, alkalinity, algaecides (if needed), shock or super chlorination, salt (if required), and in some cases clarifiers.
  2. Backwash your sand or DE filter as needed.
  3. Empty your pump strainer baskets.
  4. Empty your automatic pool cleaner bag.
  5. Brush the pool/spa water line, walls, steps, and swim-outs.
  6. Remove any floating debris from the surface of the water.
Full Service

$180.00 per month + tax

In addition to the services performed with our Chem-Brush service, our qualified Pool Service Technician vacuums the dirt and debris from the floors, steps, and walls of the pool/spa. In many cases we use our own stand-alone pump and filter system to ensure efficient and effective vacuuming.

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