Pool Leak Detection Grand Prairie, Texas

By Alpha Pool Service LLC. Commercial & Residential TX TICL 639

Stop pouring your water and money into the soil around your pool!

Grand Prairie Pool Leak Detection

Leakalyzer Alpha Pools has years of experience performing pool leak detections and pool leak repairs in the Grand Prairie area. Swimming pool leaks can cost you more than just a high water bill. The saturated soil around your swimming pool, pool deck, and home can cause or contribute to structure movement and possibly very expensive repairs, if not repaired quickly or correctly.

Grand Prairie Swimming Pool Leak Repair

Alpha Pools will not only find the leak in your pool, we are very competent in properly repairing swimming pool leaks. Alpha Pools can repair pool structure leaks, pool plumbing leaks, and pool equipment leaks.

Don’t pay too much for swimming pool leak detection!

Alpha Pool Leak Detection In many cases there is more than one leak in a swimming pool. Alpha Pools will guarantee to find all leaks in a pool for the one leak detection price, if Alpha Pool Service makes the repairs.

Alpha Pool Service Leak Detection Equipment If you suspect a leak in your Grand Prairie pool, call Alpha Pools or fill out our service request and we will schedule your pool leak detection as soon as possible.

Once we have located a leak, we are fully capable making the leak repair.

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A common area for leaks in pools is the skimmer throat or visible/nonvisible cracks in the plaster or tile line. Frequently these are temporarily patched by sealing the outside of the crack with a two-part putty. We use a system that injects a low pressure urethane foam that seals the crack from the inside and provides a permanent fix.

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