Swimming Pool Repair Watauga, Texas

By Alpha Pool Service. TX TICL 639

The best swimming pool repair company servicing Watauga!

Are you tired of pool repair companies not returning your calls or finishing their work correctly? Then call Alpha Pool Service!

Watauga Swimming Pool Repair

Alphie_Repairman_7The advantages Watauga pool repair customers have by using Alpha Pool service are:

  • Alpha Repair Technicians are highly trained & professional.
  • Alpha is dedicated to excellent customer service and fair prices.
  • Alpha Pool Service uses only licensed & insured Repair Technicians.
  • Alpha Pool Service has been repairing swimming pools in and around Watauga since the 1990s.
  • Alpha repair trucks and vans are well-stocked.
  • Alpha has thousands of swimming pool parts in warehouse stock

Quick Response Time

In most cases, we can have a repairman at your Watauga pool within 24 to 48 hours.

Pool Repair Services in Watauga Texas

Alpha Pool Service will satisfy all of your Watauga swimming pool repair & installation needs, including:

  • Swimming pool pump installation & repair (Watauga)
  • Swimming pool controls/automation installation & repair (Watauga)
  • Swimming pool heater installation & repair (Watauga)
  • Swimming pool plumbing installation & repair (Watauga)
  • Swimming pool filter installation & repair (Watauga)
  • Swimming pool cleaner installation & repair (Watauga)
  • Swimming pool lighting installation & repair (Watauga)
  • Swimming pool tile/plaster/coping/deck installation & repair (Watauga)
  • Swimming pool leak detection & leak repair (Watauga)
  • Swimming pool safety cover installation (Watauga)

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The most cost efficient and thorough maintenance program available in Watauga.

Includes DE or Cartridge filter cleaning, salt cell cleaning, and 80 point inspection in Watauga. No repair labor cost for cleaner and many other repairs. Other needed repairs that are identified will receive 10% discount on parts and labor.

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